IC cards Korehitotsu

IC cards Korehitotsu

Zenkoku no
IC cards Korehitotsu



To see the real value of Japanese smart cards

IC cards Korehitotsu

Hyper spec viewer app for Smart cards(IC cards)

In Japan, smart cards are called IC cards. (Origin of the product name.)

"Korehitotsu" means "This one (is enough.)" in Japanese.

This is the only app that can read almost all transportation smart cards in Japan.

(For your information, currently, there are 48 types of transportation IC cards in Japan, of which 45 can be read by app.)

And, this app can also read most IC e-money in Japan.

Please stay tuned

Meet your expectations

The app, born in Japan, is currently being refined to read cards from countries outside Japan.

Hong Kong and Indonesian cards are now supported.

In the future, we plan to support smart cards in countries such as the United States, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Korea.

Choice in Japan

To accompany you in Japan

This app is not yet fully translated into English. However, it is the highest performing app in Japan.

This app displays many Japanese words (For example, Proper noun such as names of bus stops, shops). If there are no problems, please try it.

Need "True" NFC

Must be able to read FeliCa

A device(smartphone, tablet) that conforms to the NFC Forum's official NFC standard is required. (→Check NFC N-mark)

Because FeliCa used in Japan is not NFC-A/B. If your device supports "True" NFC, you will surely be able to experience great performance.

Get it On

You can get this app right away when you want to use it.

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