IC cards Korehitotsu

IC cards Korehitotsu

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IC cards Korehitotsu


How to Get it On

Describes the type of app and how to purchase it

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Supported OS types

Supported OS types

Now on sale

To be developed

Types of products

Types of products

The out-of-the-box version has no information updates. We recommend a discounted monthly contract version “Now”.


“Now” is an app to which updates are delivered.

Many functions can be used by subscribing to a monthly contract, but some trials are possible even without a contract.

There are 3 types of monthly contract plans: “Local ticket”, “Express ticket” and “Limited express ticket“.

  • “Local ticket”(100 yen/mo) A plan for the first time. Minimal functionality is available.
  • “Express ticket”(300 yen/mo) Normal plan. All basic functions can be used.
  • “Limited express ticket“(500 yen/mo) A full-scale plan. All functions can be used.

The price is the current tax-excluded price of the Android app.

Fees are added to the distribution on the Google Play store.

This application is based on a monthly contract, but we plan to provide “one-day tickets” in the future.

In addition, the price of the app itself is 300 yen (excluding tax).

Plan Trial
Enough time
Premium services(※1)
3 yen/d
10 yen/d
Ltd. Exp.
16 yen/d
Android 5.0〜11 Available Available Available Available
4.4 (※6) Available Available Available Available
Card type All All All All
10cards Gate Only 1 All All All
manaca info Available(※4) Available Available Available
USB PaSoRi N/A Available Available Available
Use N/A Available Available Available
Card num N/A 1 card 10 cards 100 cards
Hist num N/A 10 50 each 300 each
Sales Shop name N/A Available Available Available
Shop Search N/A N/A Available Available
CoGCa N/A N/A Available Available
litta N/A N/A Available Available
Export CSV N/A Available Available Available
Sound Stop(※5) N/A Available Available Available
Support(※2) as possible Be sure Be sure Priority
Ads With ads(※3) No ads No ads No ads

※1 All prices are exclusive of tax. If purchased in Japan, a separate consumption tax will be added.

※2 This support includes simple instructions on how to use it and responding to bug reports. Maintenance contracts, including emergency and nighttime services, are available at an additional charge.

※3 The amount you pay during the download is the price of the right to use the app. This app is based on a monthly contract and updates will be delivered at any time, so ads will be displayed as long as there is no contract as a support fee. If you do not like the monthly contract, please purchase the “Reiwa 2”.

※4 In the old app, it was a function dedicated to premium services, but now you can try it for free with "Now".

※5 This function stops the sound produced when the card is touched. This feature is only available if you launch the app before touching. Touching before launching the app will make a sound because the app cannot interfere.

※6 Support for Android 4.4 has already ended. Although it is possible to purchase and use 4.4 at the moment, it is not possible to deal with malfunctions, so please consider changing the model as soon as possible.

“Reiwa 2”

“Reiwa 2” is an app that can be used once purchased. However, there is no update.

All functions can be used (equivalent to “limited express ticket” of monthly contract).

“Reiwa 2” has information as of the end of June 2020, but has not been updated. Please purchase this only if you do not like the monthly contract.

The price of the app itself is 3,000 yen (excluding tax).

※The successor “Reiwa 3” will be released around June to July 2021.

Get it On

Get it on Google Play

Our app is now available on Google Play.


“Reiwa 2”

Direct sales

About volume licensing

If you have a contract of 10 or more units and you can get a contract for the first year, the application fee of 300 yen (+ tax) will be free.

We will give you a few promo codes that you can download for free.

Also, if you decide not to renew your contract for any reason, you can still use the app as a trial mode.

Please feel free to contact us if you are considering volume licensing.